Brockwell Hall was built in 1813 for John Blades who is known as one of the leading suppliers of high quality chandeliers and other glass artefacts during the Regency period. Blades commissioned the architect John Buonarotti Papworth to supply a number of designs for glass objects, and Papworth was also the designer of Blades’s shop. It has been suggested that Papworth designed Brockwell Hall, but it is now generally accepted that the architect was in fact D.R.Roper. However, Papworth does have other associations with the Brockwell estate. He is recorded as carrying out repairs and decorations to Brockwell Hall in 1824-29; he provided Blades with layout plans for a suburban development on part of the Estate; and he designed a number of houses which were built as part of that enterprise.

Brockwell Hall as shown on 1875 Ordance Survey

Clarence House designed by J B Papworth 1825-6