In 2013 Lambeth Council completed the grant funded restoration of Brockwell Park’s landscape, heritage and community features and sports and play facilities. The Grade II* Brockwell Hall, the centrepiece of this former parkland estate, however, remains largely underused and unappreciated despite 125 years of public access to and enjoyment of the park.

The Council has completed a feasibility study of the restoration and re-use of Brockwell Hall and its coach house and stable block, including a review of the business models of Mansions in Parks in London, and market testing with potential commercial operators and community stakeholders. 

A concept design, business plan and estimated cost plan has been prepared and an exciting opportunity now exists to transform Brockwell Hall into a venue for weddings, corporate bookings, community meetings and events, school visits, office space and a café.

Lambeth Council has successfully applied for a Development Phase heritage grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF) to develop the design and business case and for a Round 2 Heritage Grant bid application to be submitted in November 2020. 

The total planned investment is estimated to cost £5.7m and provides a fantastic opportunity to bring the site into greater and expanded public use.   

The NLHF Heritage Grants Programmes has a number of Outcomes to which the restoration project will seek to meet.  The project is required to meet more than one outcome in each category listed below:

Outcomes for heritage: 

With investment, heritage will be: 
• better managed (weighted) 
• in better condition (weighted) 
• better interpreted and explained 
• identified/recorded 
Outcomes for people: 
With investment, people will have: developed skills 
• developed skills (weighted) 
• learnt about heritage (weighted) 
• changed their attitudes and/or behaviour 
• had an enjoyable experience volunteered time 
• volunteered time 

Outcomes for communities: 

With investment: 
• negative environmental impacts will be reduced (weighted) 
• more people and a wider range of people will have engaged with heritage (weighted) 
• your local area/community will be a better place to live, work or visit 
• your local economy will be boosted your organisation will be more resilient 
• your organisation will be more resilient 

Here is the current design preferred option  which will be further developed into a detailed design: