In 2013 Lambeth Council completed the grant funded restoration of Brockwell Park’s landscape, heritage and community features and sports and play facilities. The Grade II* Brockwell Hall, the centrepiece of this former parkland estate, however, remains largely underused and unappreciated despite 125 years of public access to and enjoyment of the park. 

Lambeth Council, in partnership with Brockwell Park Community Partners, and with extensive community engagement throughout 2019 and 2020, have developed a successful proposal to the National Lottery Heritage Fund for a £3.3m contribution to a total investment of £6.3m to restore Brockwell Hall. 

In developing the proposals, we concentrated on achieving the following objectives: 

  • ensure the Hall’s sustainable future by providing a vibrant space for the community to enjoy while maintaining a commercial hire offer for parts of the building at specified times
  • make the Hall more accessible for everyone to use it
  • make spaces around the Hall more people-friendly
  • conserve, interpret and celebrate heritage within the Hall, while creating a modern, 21st century venue serving the community 

What will change? 

The main changes to the Hall and Stables are:

  • A new café and flexible community exhibition space to celebrate the history of the Hall and those who used and who continue to use it, and to provide opportunity for local community and artists to showcase their work and vision 
  • A new community events space for up to 200 people, created by building a permanent roof between the current Hall and the underused Stables and Coach House buildings. The new venue will support a range of activities and functions including both public and commercial use. It will house community and cultural events as well as private-hire events such weddings, conferences or films/photo shoots.
  • New landscaping around the Hall, with new stairs and accessible path to the main entrance
  • A new lift to the basement and first floor inside the Hall
  • A dedicated volunteer hub in the basement with its own entrance, and more rooms in the Hall opened up for community use
  • A dedicated Brockwell Hall staff, including 2x new apprenticeships (business administration & cultural interpretation)
  • The new building to be constructed to the highest possible environmental standards and, wherever possible, improving the existing fabric
  • Cars, equipment and storage areas around the Hall to be moved down to a new operational area at the south end of Brockwell Park (currently used as a green waste area), thus prioritising people, freeing up more space and improving accessibility within the new Hall
  • Reduction in the number of vehicles going up to the Hall to improve the environment and enhance visitor experience

The NLHF Heritage Grants Programmes has a number of Outcomes to which the restoration project will seek to meet.  The project was required to meet more than one outcome in each category listed below:

Outcomes for heritage: 

With investment, heritage will be: 
• better managed (weighted) 
• in better condition (weighted) 
• better interpreted and explained 
• identified/recorded 

Outcomes for people: 

With investment, people will have:  
• developed skills (weighted) 
• learnt about heritage (weighted) 
• changed their attitudes and/or behaviour 
• had an enjoyable experience volunteered time 
• volunteered time

Outcomes for communities: 

With investment: 
• negative environmental impacts will be reduced (weighted) 
• more people and a wider range of people will have engaged with heritage (weighted) 
• your local area/community will be a better place to live, work or visit 
• your local economy will be boosted your organisation will be more resilient 
• your organisation will be more resilient